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As a therapist, I will work with you to support you on your journey toward self-healing and empowerment. We will work together in exploring and cultivating your unique personal strengths and identity. 

My mission is to help you to become better acquainted with yourself and your full spectrum of feelings. This will include examining behaviors and patterns that no longer serve you and inhibit you from living the life you deserve. 

Currently all sessions are telehealth sessions via zoom due to Covid-19 restrictions.


                                       45 minutes     $175

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"Those who are effective in group are effective in life" 

Dr. Louis Ormont.


Group therapy provides a place where individuals come together to share problems and to better understand themselves through their interactions with each other. Group engagement results in cultivating deeper emotional relationships. In becoming better acquainted with the full spectrum of feelings you being the process of learning how to use your feelings effectively to communicate your needs to others..


The group process engages members in progressive emotional communication promoting emotional freedom and availability. Group psychotherapy addresses feelings of isolation, depression/ anxiety. It helps people make significant changes so they feel better about the quality of their lives.

Currently all sessions are telehealth sessions via zoom due to Covid-19 restrictions. 


                                       90 minutes     $60


Free Consultation

For New Clients 

Our 20 minute consultation will give us the opportunity to discuss what is currently unfolding in your life and establish what areas you would like to focus on for yourself in treatment. All consultations are currently telehealth sessions via zoom due to Covid-19 restrictions.

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licensed therapist (LCSW)

I am a licensed therapist (LCSW) based in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York. I have a BA in Theater from Empire State College and a MSW from New York University. During my study of the craft of acting I learned the importance of curiosity and self-awareness to enable one to grow, learn and be successful in one’s life.


My role is to support and guide you on your journey of self-healing, discovery and empowerment. Together we will examine the limiting beliefs and behavior patterns that stand in the way of your full potential.


This process of self-awareness can be an important step on the road to health, healing and a fulfilling life. Denying or suppressing our feelings and experiences is often where people get stuck causing stress, emotional pain and struggle in life and relationships.


My orientation is holistic, treating the individual body, mind and spirit. This approach to treatment includes mindfulness and self-analysis. If you are ready to make the commitment to yourself to move toward the life you want, I welcome the opportunity to meet with you.


I am skilled in treating anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and specialize in sexual violence and abuse treatment. 




A workshop of healing where women survivors join together in solidarity, to acknowledge, embrace and inspire each other. The experience of sexual assault, violence and abuse can be an isolating and lonely journey. 


We will come together to honor our stories, to share, witness and support each other in the sacredness of circle. Our intention of gathering in this powerful sacred space is to heal both ourselves and collectively and move towards wholeness our birth right. 


Each participate will be given the opportunity to process your experience, physically and emotionally through breathwork, sharing and journaling, in this supportive environment surrounded by fellow survivors. 


We will explore how our experiences have impacted our lives, relationships and especially our relationship with ourselves. The intention is to help each participant to open up new space in the body and the heart and to leave with a clearer sense of their strength, courage and power. 


One day, weekend and Six-week workshops. 





Sinead O'Donoghue, LCSW

TEL: 646-537-5705